Welcome to PARACUSE, we are dedicated individuals searching for answers about the unknown to better understand our co-existence and help all those living physically or spiritually.

Our Services are Free and Confidential

Mission Statement
We are dedicated individuals willing to help those experiencing unknown problems and activity that has disrupted their lives in their home or business. We will utilize our education, experience and equipment to the best of our ability and come to a sensible conclusion that will educate our clients and attempt to mitigate any concerns with positive and honest solutions.



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PARACUSE is now on twitter! Connect to us and follow us on investigations as we will give live up dates.
PARACUSE will not disclose their location, but will provide up-to-date experiences while investigating.

If you have any questions or would like us to investigate any claims, please fill out the contact form located on our Investigation Process Page, or email us at:

Liverpool, New York
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